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3 things to impress your guests this festive season!

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From a signature holiday cocktail, to the perfect table setting, there are so many details you need to consider. We have put together three tips every party planner needs to know to create the perfect festive party.

Everyone loves a drink and honestly, this year everyone’s earned it. Spice things up a bit with a festive cocktail on arrival for your guests. Australian Christmas is anything but white and usually very warm (unless you’re in Melbourne like us enjoying the unpredictability). So, let’s cool down with a 'White Christmas' in a glass and get the party started.


White Christmas Frozen Margaritas

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295ml Silver Tequila

235ml Grand Marnier

175ml Malibu

235ml Lime Juice

235ml Coconut Water

235ml Canned Coconut Milk

175ml Coconut Cream

175ml Simple Syrup


1 teaspoon coconut extract, if desired and for garnish sprigs of rosemary and fresh cranberries.


In a blender, place all the ingredients (except garnish) and blitz together to your desired consistency. Pour into glasses and top with fresh cranberries and a sprig of rosemary.

(Recipe makes 6)


Platter me perfect

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The cheese platter craze isn’t going anywhere and you don’t need to hire somebody to create the perfect platter. Some useful tips to make your platter looks appealing:

  1. No empty spaces, this is a major key to a successful platter.
  2. Use fresh produce varying in colour, make yours festive by adding in fresh rosemary sprigs and cranberries. The pops of colour will be very tempting to the eye.
  3. Make sure you’re placing things that pair well together, as well as making sure they’re contrasting colours.


Table setting inspiration

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Your table setting doesn’t have to be too fancy, little details make all the difference. Keep things festive and in keeping with your theme (if you’ve got one). Always remember that less is more because, sometimes more can be a hot mess.

We are loving the combination of rosemary and cranberries. It’s a simple but elegant finish. All you need to do is purchase a bit extra when you’re buying them for your White Christmas Frozen Margaritas. Add it to each place setting with a bit of ribbon.

This doesn’t have to be costly, simply use the cutlery you have on hand, with a classic white napkin and plate combination. You can even add extra greenery in the centre of your table between the dishes if you’re feeling extra festive.


We hope these three things help ease the stress of hosting during this festive season. Or if you would rather leave the festive dining to us, we have limited tickets available for our annual Christmas Luncheon.

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