Left Bank Melbourne's weekend produce market

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Left Bank Melbourne's weekend produce market

Left Bank Melbourne will be popping up every weekend with a winter produce market!

“The Left Bank Mercarto” From 10 am every Saturday & Sunday for as long as they keep us in lock down. Starting this weekend, Saturday the 18th of July!
So, you can pick up and takeaway all the flavours you know and love directly from our terrace on Southbank Blvd. Shop by the river to pick up things like:

* ready to eat pastas,
* risottos, fruit and vegetable packs for two or four or more,
* cheese station,
* premium wines and a tasting table,
* take home cocktails and take-home 1.25l tap beer growlers!
* Truffles
* Seafood
* Pastries and fresh bread
* Takeaway coffee

Great tunes and experts will make your shopping experience memorable.


Meet our Suppliers! 


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