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Indiana grew up with a performance background dedicated from a young age to different styles of movement and dance including ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. As she grew up she spent a lot of time at night clubs doing promotional work and modeling gigs. Music was not her first love but a love that continued to evolve over time as she spent more time in the clubs.

Five years ago, there were not many opportunities for female DJ artists and so, it never seemed to cross her mind that she could take this life path. One night, she was at a club and saw DJ Havana Brown performing. It was at this point that Indiana felt it may also be possible for her to explore this world a little more.

She spent many hours lost in the influences of Hollywood and LA DJ’s including Ruby Rose. As she explored the different genres that she may potentially be able to get involved in she realized that this musical avenue would not take years of learning a musical instrument and therefore decided to take her chances and enter the musical world.


Indiana found a school in Perth, which was her hometown at the time. She spent a year at school learning and soaking up as much as she could under the direction of talented LA artists. She then flew over to New Zealand where she lived for six months and found herself lucky enough to network with some of NZ’s leading DJ’s.  She learned so much over the six month period, performing at large night clubs and truly finding her own style and sound.



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After a while, she decided to make the mighty shift to Melbourne where she currently resides and plays all around the state and country.

Indiana says that although she has had a lucky stride, breaking into the music business, it takes hard work to make it in this business. Indiana spends days preparing for sets, downloading tracks and editing them to continually bring a fresh and unique sound to every performance.

Her ultimate dream is to join some of the greatest DJ’s in the world in the LA music scene, in years to come.


Friday's at Left Bank Melbourne 


DJ Indiana is playing every Friday night at Left Bank Melbourne throughout the month of March! Don't miss this energetic DJ! She brings sophistication to her performance crafting a night you won't forget! $12 cocktail specials are available.  


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