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Truffle cocktails

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Savoury cocktails:

Savoury cocktails have been sweeping across the country and the globe. They are forming a trend of more complex cocktails. Our mixologists are creating cocktails from “scratch” using unexpected ingredients and culinary techniques to excite the palate in a new and “never been done before” way.  We have certainly come a long way from sweet pink drinks with an umbrella poking out the top. We are exploring flavours that are sour, savoury and bitter and herbs and spices traditionally found in the kitchen are moving to the bar.

With the truffle season increasing in popularity across Australia, the newest trend starting to emerge is truffle cocktails and truffle infused spirits.

Mixologists have taken this opportunity to “test the boundaries”, inventing new flavours. But you don’t have to be a mixologists to experiment with these flavours. In fact, infusing spirits is actually quite a simple process.

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How to infuse Vodka:


330ml Vodka
30g of fresh black truffle
Glass bottle


Slice the black truffle into thin slices
Using a funnel, pour vodka into the bottle and the slice truffle to the straight spirit
Close the lid and turn the lid a few times
Leave the spirit to sit for at least a week before consuming

The longer you leave the truffles in the spirit, the stronger the flavour will be.


The Truffle Cocktail masterclass  

If you are interested in experimenting with some exciting flavours that complement each other in a sensational way don’t forget to join us at Left bank Melbourne on the 18th of July for our truffle cocktail masterclass.

You will learn all about truffles and the influence they have on spirits and cocktails. You will also get to taste test some of our most fabulous truffle cocktail creations as well as make your very own truffle cocktail. This session is one not to miss! It comes around once a year for the truffle season and is exclusive to Left Bank Melbourne.

The session is just $39pp

Purchase tickets!

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