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FAQ’S – Your Guide to Spring Race Wear!

What are the rules when it comes to race wear?
Racing styles continue to evolve every season allowing race goers to be more fashion forward while still holding traditions. Some rules to not though are hem lines that are no shorter than above the knee and ties and bow ties for the gents.  

What are the biggest trends for this racing season? 
Women’s suiting is still a front runner for this racing season, yet this season we are seeing a more structured style with waist belts and cinched in blazers, or cropped style blazers to add a more feminine touch. Separates are also a great option allowing race goers to re-wear items after race day and of course it wouldn’t be a racing season without a must-have dress. This season it’s all about volume, a dress with a statement sleeve or a skirt adding that extra wow factor. 

What colors are we expecting to see this season on the track?
Colour wise we are seeing lots of shades of blues, as well as burgundy and pink tones yet I think neutrals will dominate this season especially by the use of textured fabrics which add an extra element to a look.

What head-wear trends can we expect to see this season?
We are seeing a lot of simple headpieces this season such as hair clips, velvet and leather headbands and small bows which is great for race goers that want a more subtle look. Yet of course, we will still see a lot of traditional style pieces.

What is the biggest no-no’s when it comes to racing fashion?
Mini skirts and dresses and anything that screams out nightclub vibe. 

What is your advice when it comes to selecting the perfect shoe for your outfit at the track?
Comfort is a must as you want something that works with your outfit you also have to think about being able to stand for over six hours. 

If you want to be a little daring this autumn carnival season, what would you suggest would be a fun yet trending look?
Accessories with a fun shoe or headpiece I think is a great way to be a little daring without breaking racing rules. 


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