The beer making process


Step 1: Malting:

The first step to making beer is the malting phase. Beers all contain some form or grain but generally, barley is the most popular grain used however some brewers like to use wheat or rye instead.

These grains are put through a heating process where they dry out the grains and crack them. Once the grains are opened up they are ready to be mashed because the enzymes that are found inside the grains are isolated.



Step 2: Mashing:

The stepping step is known as the mashing or steeping process. The malted enzymes are soaked in boiling water and activated.

When the grains are “steeped” they release sugars into the water which makes them ready for fermentation. It usually takes about two hours to complete this process.

Once the grains have been completely soaked, the grains are pulled out of the water and the sugars are left behind. This leaves unfermented beer.

Step 3: Boiling

The third step is the boiling step. This is where the sugary water that was left behind is boiled. Hops and spices are added to this mixture and during the boiling process, they release flavours into the unfermented mixture.

It generally takes a full hour to completely extract all of the flavours from the Hops and spices.

Step 4: Fermentation

The fourth step is, of course, the fermentation process. This is the step that produces the alcohol into the beer. To start off the fermentation process, yeast is added to the mix. The yeast reacts to the sugars that are in the mixture which produces alcohol.

This process takes several weeks to produce. Once the yeast is added, the beer is generally stored for a period of time until the ideal alcohol content has been produced.




Step 5: Bottling

And of course, the last step is to bottler and age. Many brewers also like to carbonate their brew so the carbonation is added at the bottling stage. And once this is completed it is ready for you to enjoy!


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