Which flowers are meant for which occasion?

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The art of giving flowers

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Who knew selecting the right flower for the right occasion was such an art? It is said that different flowers and colours can inspire different feelings. We did some research to help you select the perfect blooms for every occasion!

Mother’s Day:

A mother plays such a special role in your life so it’s important that she feels very appreciated on this day. We say bright and vivacious colours are a great pick for Mother’s Day- try purples and yellows mixed with other elements like baby’s breath, chrysanthemums or Lillie’s. The best thing about this is the house will be filled with a beautiful fragrance!



Flowers to send for sympathy:

Generally white and green are thought to be the most appropriate choice when it comes to sympathy. Traditionally the most popular choices seem to be white calla Lillie’s. Depending on how close you are with this person and how well you know them, it might be appropriate to add a pop of colour to brighten their day, but pastel colours are usually preferred. Its best to talk to your local florist about which blooms are the most special   

It is important to remember though that often in times of bereavement, there will be a number of flowers sent. A nice touch would be to add a vase to accommodate the influx of flowers.


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Flowers to send just because:

Flowers to send just because. These are the best kind in our book! Try and mix this gift up a little compared to your traditional go to flower! Talk to your florist about what seasonal favourites they have in. At the moment, everlasting florals are very popular! They are dried and preserved blooms. Best of all, they last forever!



Flowers to say I’m sorry:

This is a big one and one you want to get right! Our advice to you on this one… make sure you know their favourite flower! If you don’t know their favourite flower, look for something special.

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Flowers to say thank you:

Saying thank you calls for bright and cheerful flowers. Double daffodils and tulips are a great choice for this occasion! These bright colours are found to encourage happy vibes so they are perfect when you want to make someone feel appreciated.


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Flowers to say I love you:

You really can’t beat roses when it comes to saying I love you. They are known as the most romantic flowers in the bloom rainbow. Red is usually said for an intimate lover but you can also say I love you to friends and family try a sweet pink colour.


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Flowers to send for a Birthday:

Something a little unique for this occasion we say! Try dahlias or peonies. These flowers are known to be very full of little buds and will certainly stand out from the rest!


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For a new baby:

Flowers are thought to be a symbol of new life so they are a perfect gift to welcome a new baby into the world! Colours are best matched to the gender of the baby in this case. Lilies, roses, tulips and carnations are popular new baby flowers that are available in these colours.


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When it come to anniversaries, particularly wedding anniversaries, flowers are a traditional choice, symbolling reminiscence of your wedding day. There is actually a list of recommended flowers for each different anniversary that are said to be a symbol of how many years you have been together:

1st anniversary — Pansy

2nd anniversary — Cosmos

3rd anniversary — Fuchsia

4th anniversary — Geranium

5th anniversary — Daisy

6th anniversary — Calla lily

7th anniversary — Jack-in-the-Pulpit

8th anniversary — Clematis

9th anniversary — Poppy

10th anniversary — Daffodil

11th anniversary — Morning glory

12th anniversary — Peony

13th anniversary — Hollyhock

14th anniversary — Dahlia

15th anniversary — Rose

20th anniversary — Day lily

25th anniversary — Iris

30th anniversary — Sweet pea

40th anniversary — Nasturtium

50th anniversary — Violet




If you are thinking of sending flowers this Mother’s Day head to Petal Pop for a unique bloom! They have a flower for every occasion and are now taking pre-orders!

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