Sunday Bottomless Brunch!

No. 1 Southbank Boulevard


Sunday Bottomless Brunch!

Barilla Bay Oysters on Leftbank Brunch

Brunch is a common word in the vocabulary of those who enjoy holding events during the day and has become a common party. But do you know what a brunch is?

The word "brunch" started in England to name a late breakfast, which ended up joining the lunch. That way, there is only one single more reinforced meal, where you eat a few breakfast items such as eggs, toasts and waffles, as well as lunch dishes such as light salads, oysters & prawns.

The brunch at Left Bank Melbourne is offered in the form of a buffet. Facilitating the interaction between the people while offering easy access to the dishes, all in a pleasant and informal atmosphere. As for options on the menu, so many dishes come in as possible. There are so many delights that it's hard to choose!

left bank brunch sweets table
left bank brunch oysters and prawns table


Our live music creates a pleasant and contagious mood!

The four-hour affair includes three bottomless beverage packages to choose from, unlimited access to our premium food stations and breakfast menu, ripe with the very best seasonal delights and flavours you won’t forget.

Piano player performing live at Left Bank Melbourne

Join us at Left Bank Melbourne, for a bottomless brunch experience on the last Sunday of every month from 11-3 pm.

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