Staff Christmas Parties

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10 reasons a staff Christmas party is a must!


  1. It is great way to say thank you to your team and recognize the hard work they have put in throughout the year.
  2. Team building and bonding: If you work as a large office team, often staff don’t get the chance to get to know each other. Holding a Christmas party gives staff a chance to mingle and get to know each other which is always a bonus for better team work!
  3. Motivation: lets face it, the lead up to Christmas can be a very stressful time! Holding a Christmas party gives staff the opportunity to let go of the stress from the past year and reset for the year to come.  
  4. Company values: Promoting company values is important. Throwing a Christmas party emphasizes a team spirit and makes employees feel appreciated.
  5. Loyalty: In this day and age, retaining employees is tricky business! Scouters are constantly hunting your top talent and can easily contact them through LinkedIn and other job search platforms. Presenting an environment that employees want to be a part of is one way to combat this!
  6. Give them the break they deserve: A change of scenery is always a good thing! Our day to day lives become so busy that we forget what a breath of fresh air it is to get out of the office. It inspires new ideas and a different way of thinking.
  7. Recap: Christmas parties are a great opportunity to recap on the year that’s been and all that has been achieved. Being in a more relaxed and casual environment can also promote freedom of speech which may give you some great feedback for improvements to make to the office in the new year ahead!
  8. Its not all about the money! Christmas parties can be an expensive exercise but they don’t have to be! Be smart about it. Left bank Melbourne offers a two or three course lunch meal for lunch inclusive of a glass of wine from just $49pp. Talk to the accountant about how you can save money using expense accounts or tax benefits.
  9. All about the fun: Setting a good party says a lot about your own personality. What kind of person & leader are you? It reflects general leadership of the company overall.
  10. A Christmas party is a must: Don’t be a party pooper and not host a Christmas party for your staff. Your staff will thank you for it! 


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