Let’s use our time in lockdown wisely!

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Let’s use our time in lockdown wisely!

We’re not talking about learning French or DIY house renos or even trying to master homemade bread. This is the perfect time to continue or begin planning an event! With all these extra hours on our hands let’s start thinking about end of year events!

Christmas parties with team members you haven’t been able to share an office with or family Christmas lunches to bring the whole gang together and be extra merry over an amazing meal and a couple of cheeky wines for the parents who had to deal with home schooling!

We think the best way to get through the next few weeks is to plan for better days! Days surrounded by yummy food, flowing drinks and amazing company. Whilst we can’t share hugs just yet, let’s share a table instead!

We have some tips to help you plan during this uncertain time:


Explore venues with virtual tours

Booking a venue is likely at the top of your to-do list – and thankfully, the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t need to hold you back from exploring your dream location. Many venues are now offering virtual video tours, and can walk you through their space via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. You can still ask questions and explore all of the different facilities inside and out, just as you would in person. Left Bank Melbourne has an online virtual tour so you can explore the venue from the comfort of your home.



Research your dream team of suppliers (and get chatting!)

The end of 2020 and the start of 2021 is shaping up to be one of the busiest times of year yet, and we’re already seeing a huge spike in enquiries. With this in mind, we suggest using your time in iso to research and book your dream team of suppliers to avoid missing out. Remember, your event suppliers are also stuck in isolation right alongside you which means they’re ready and willing to chat through your event in detail. In light of this pandemic, you’ll find suppliers are more than happy to jump on the phone or schedule a video call to e-meet you and answer your questions.

At Left Bank Melbourne, we work with a number of preferred suppliers that will help you bring your event dreams to life! Chat to us about our preferred supplier list!

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Find inspiration online!

Being stuck at home in isolation means there is absolutely no judgement for spending an entire afternoon on Pinterest (in fact, we encourage it!). Use your time in iso to compile as much inspiration as possible, and start building a clear vision for your event.  Spend some time browsing through our blogs, saving your favourite images on social media, and setting up dedicated Pinterest boards for each element of your event.

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Take time to care for you

It’s important to look after ourselves during this lockdown and what better way to relax then talking us through your perfect event. We can take the hard work out of planning something special, we can have a virtual site inspection and tailor your event to suit your dream Pinterest board and when our team is putting everything together for you, you can figure out what to wear! We live for a good online shopping spree!


So, give us a call or send us an email and let’s start planning an event under the summer sky with a cocktail in hand, a belly full of delicious food and a heart full of love.



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