The New thing to do in Melbourne!

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Picnic in the Park

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The new thing to do in Melbourne this Spring: Picnic in the park, because well, what else can we do these days!

We have substituted dressing up, pre-drinking and heading out to the local with picnic baskets, picnic rugs and a few cocktails to sip on. It’s sort of like a bottomless brunch just outdoors. And the best part about it, it’s a way to see your friends again!

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Everyone is busy searching for the best spots to set up camp and perch up for their two hours of freedom a day. Well, we have a suggestion and it is probably the best picnic spot in Melbourne… Take a stroll down River Side Quay or better known as the Southbank Promenade just across the road from Crown. There is a generous strip of grass area covered by large oak trees. The best part apart this spot is the magnificent views of the Yarra River. Just across from this perfect picnic spot is Left Bank Melbourne. Throughout lockdown, Left Bank Melbourne has transformed into what is called the “Left Bank Mercato”. The Left bank Mercato sells everything you could imagine…. Groceries, cocktails, beer, pastries, pastas and homemade pies, plus so much more!


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One of the most recent additions to the Left Bank Mercato is the “grazing boxes” made by a small business called Salt and Paper.


Salt and Paper has been operating for about two years and was founded by Daina. Daina had always been a creative person and was able to make the most amazing grazing tables you have ever seen. She started creating grazing tables and invitations for her friends for their special events. After a while, they were requested more and more but because of the COVID-19 outbreak, she was not able to make them. She came up with an idea to create and deliver grazing boxes that could be shared with friends and families as a part of the “picnic revolution” in Melbourne.


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Salt and paper has joined us at the “Left Bank Mercato” and will be available every week: Friday 3pm to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday’s from 10am till 4pm. Select from sweet or savory grazing boxes and maybe grab a cocktail or a bottle of wine while you are at the Mercato. It is the perfect weekend picnic escape and the newest Spring trend to encapsulate Melbourne.


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