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Meet the Maker behind the Magic…..

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Meet Stan Delimitrou!

 A bit about Stan... 

Stan Delimitrou embarked on his journey as a chef at the young age of sixteen years old. He began his apprenticeship at a little Italian restaurant called Vic Av Pasta and Wine in South Melbourne. He drew inspiration from his grandfather who loved to cook which ultimately moved him to take up cooking as a profession. Stan grew up in a traditional Greek family. Due to his Greek heritage, it was rare to see a male in the kitchen but his grandfather, Stan, (who he was named after), certainly broke this cycle. His grandfather spent his younger years travelling the world working on cargo ships as a diesel mechanic, but his love for the kitchen never failed. He used the opportunity to explore different cuisines from all around the world and brought home new recipes that were not generally seen in the traditional Greek gastronomy. From a young age, Stan would watch his grandfather who had retired, spend hours in the kitchen experimenting and creating extraordinary dishes. He describes his grandfather as someone that had a “huge influence” on his life.


We asked Stan a few questions so you could get to know him a little better…


 1. What is your favourite Left bank Melbourne dish?

My favourite Dish from our current menu, before we closed, was Flamed green coconut curry. The reason being, I enjoyed the flavours, smell and freshness of working with fresh ginger, chilli, lemongrass, coconut and coriander. 


2. What's your favourite drink after a long day in the kitchen?

My go to is always Whiskey on the rocks. My current favourite is Nikka by the barrel.


3. What's your favourite dish to cook at home?

I have a few favourites depending on my mood, time of the year and produce that can be found… I love making fresh pasta during the colder months, handmade fresh gnocchi is one of my all-time favourites, in my opinion nothing compares to a homemade gnocchi.  During the Spring months though, I also love a good lamb shoulder roast or Sunday spit roast with fresh crisp sides.


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4. What was your favourite event that Left bank Melbourne has been involved in?

My favourite event that Left bank Melbourne has participated in would be the 2019 Truffle festival. I had a ball setting up a truffle stand and cooking with fresh black truffles. Truffles have such a unique flavour; they are a nuclear-powered ingredient. The highlight of this event would have to be making fresh pasta in a 48kg parmesan wheel! It was such a surreal experience watching the reactions of patrons as they were able get close to the action. It was an interactive experience and I loved being a part of it.  

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5. How long have you been a chef for? 

I started my apprenticeship when I was 16, now I’m 47….. so, a pretty long time.


 6. What do you enjoy most about being a chef?

I would have to say the people that I have met and friendships that where forged. Some of the chefs that I have trained or have worked with have become family to me. I was the best man at two chefs’ weddings and one of my chefs asked me to name his daughter when she was born, which was such a huge honour. I also love the hustle and bustle of service and how a good team comes together under pressure and delivers amazing food. Food really bring people together.  


7. How long have you been working at Left Bank Melbourne?

We bought Left Bank Melbourne back in 2011 and I took on the role as director and executive chef.


Want to try some of his latest creations? Stan Delimitrou has crafted a “homestyle sharing range” perfect for the colder months!

See the menu  


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