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Meet Georgia




We wanted to introduce you to a fairly new member to our team. Georgia is our Events Manager and can't wait to get to know you all a bit better! In the meantime, we thought it would be a great opportunity for you to get to know her. We interviewed her and this is what she had to say.... 


Tell us a bit about yourself…

Growing up in a Greek family I was always going to family events and everything was constantly larger than life. My childhood always revolved around amazing food and great company. Home cooked, native food from my grandmother was at the heart of every gathering which was always followed by some dancing and perhaps, breaking a few plates.

What made you want to get into event management?

There was always something special about attending events that drew me in to bringing them to life. The moment a groom sees his bride for the first time, the celebration of a milestone birthday surrounded by loved ones, when the confetti falls at a music festival or even seeing a team celebrate the end of a big year at their Christmas party. There is so much emotion that goes into any given event that it really inspired me when planning and bringing these experiences to fruition. 




Where did you study?

I undertook my Bachelor of Business with a Major in International Events Management at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School in Sydney. Studying involved countless late nights and early mornings but it was very rewarding and I believe it has helped me significantly in building, my career within the events Industry.


How did your career start?

I first started getting into the events world when I was about 16 doing promotional work for clubs. From there I enrolled in a TAFE course and completed it at the same time as undertaking my VCE, I very quickly realised that events were my calling! Soon after graduating I packed my bags and headed to Sydney for university. Whilst I was there, I was given the opportunity to partake in large events. I learnt to “manage the floor” quite quickly due to my rooted experience within the hospitality industry. I already had a working knowledge from an operational point of view which aided in producing successful events, time and time again.


Tell us a bit about your past work experience.

I started out as a Food and Beverage Attendant at Crown Melbourne. From there, I became an Events Assistant for an Event Management company in Sydney. I moved back home to Melbourne where I worked as an Events Coordinator at my local country club. More recently, I was a Senior Event Coordinator for some of Melbourne’s Major Events which included the Melbourne Cup and Grand Prix. Working with large clients on a major scale obligated a sense of urgency to it. I believe am now going to thoroughly enjoy creating relationships and delivering a personal end to end experience for my clients here at Left Bank Melbourne.


What was the most rewarding event you have worked at?

All the weddings I have been able to be a part of! There is something so extraordinary about being involved in someone’s special day, knowing that I have been able to be a part of even just a small part of a memory that will last a lifetime is really fulfilling!

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Georgia, you are quite new to Left Bank Melbourne, what are you looking forward to once we are able to reopen?

I just can’t wait to start creating amazing events for everyone, especially the events that have had to postpone due to the current situation. I’m looking forward to talking to each and every one of our clients, both new and current, and bringing their visions to life!


What made you want to work at Left Bank Melbourne?

I wanted to work at Left Bank Melbourne because of the uniqueness of the venue, not to mention the team, which includes some industry leaders. The food is second to none and how can you not want to work for a company that has a cocktail bar! Not to mention the fantastic view of the city every day doesn’t get old!

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What do you like to do in your down time?

Anything that involves good food and even better company! It ranges from dinner and a night out with the girls to a glass of wine and a movie at home.


Favourite Left Bank Melbourne cocktail?

A Porn Star Martini with a good quality vodka and prosecco is my absolute go to!

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Georgia might be new to our team, but she is someone we have quickly grown to know and love. She brings extensive experience to the Left Bank Melbourne’s events team and is looking forward to working with all of our valued clients on their upcoming events.

Have an event that you want to talk to Georgia about? You can get in touch with Georgia at [email protected]  She is available to answer any questions you might have as well as host virtual site inspections.

If you have any concerns about the potential postponement of your event due to COVID-19, please feel free to chat to us about it. We are offering all of our clients the opportunity to postpone their events should they need to, due to the current circumstances. That means that your full deposit will be transferred to the date of your choosing.

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