Inheriting the family Apron

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Executive chef Stan Delimitrou has been working within our kitchens for 8+ years. He is known to you as the brilliant mind behind the “Left Bank Melbourne” modern Australian menu, creating dishes of hearty and fulsome flavours.  But behind the kitchen doors, he is known to us as someone who displays an unwavering measure of patience, which is rare to find in a chef. He carefully takes time to demonstrate and explain the processes of cooking and teaches our staff members the critical qualities required in the customer service experience. Something to be said about Stan, is the time that he devotes to people, never afraid to share his knowledge with others. 


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Beyond the white coat though, he also has a family, two daughters and a wife that he loves unconditionally. Both of his daughters have grown up watching their dad and extended family in the kitchen discovering their Greek heritage and learning to make incredible recipes.

During the second lockdown period, our team got together to discuss how we could continue to share “Left Bank Melbourne” with locals, in a way that truly suited the “Left Bank” style.

We had tried our hand at a small takeaway menu but we have never been known for take-away.

“Left Bank Melbourne is so much more than the dishes we serve. It is the overall experience that you receive at the venue from the cocktails, to the music creating a vibe that is just unmatched. That is something that will never translate into a take-away box”. Stan Deimitrou, Executive Chef & General Manager.

After a bit of discussion, we came up with an idea to create the “Left Bank Mercato”, a partnership featuring the best of Left Bank as well as our local suppliers to create a memorable shopping experience.


Stan went home to tell his family about the new concept. His daughters were very excited about it and also wanted to be a part of it. They came together to create a menu of their favourite dishes including homemade gnocchi (Potato & Parmesan, Spinach & Nutmeg, Pumpkin & Sage and Baby Beet & Thyme), Lasagne (Beef & Creamy Béchamel and Pumpkin, Ricotta and Spinach) as well as Steffi’s delicious homemade cookies.

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Introducing Steffi & Nia Delimitrou.

Nia is just 19 years’ old and currently studying a Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management at JMC Academy, unfortunately due to COVID-19, she has been unable to work at her part time job at “The Athlete’s foot”.

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Steffi is 17 years old and completing year 11 remotely, she has also had to take a step back from her casual job.  


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We asked the girls a few questions about their experience at the Left Bank Meracto, this is what they had to say:


What gave you the idea to be a part of the Left Bank Meracto? 

Nia: Steffi and I were bored at home trying to make the most of being in lockdown when dad told us that he was starting the Left Bank Mercato. We each asked him if we could be involved and told him what kind of products we wanted to sell.  It was a great opportunity to get out of the house and socialise with people while making some money. 

Steffi: looking for something to keep myself busy during iso, so my sister and I suggested to help out at the Mercato. I haven’t been getting shifts at my casual job due to corona and thought it was a good opportunity to earn some money and save up for travelling after I graduate    


How much time does it take to prepare your menu prior to the weekend?


Nia:The Gnocchi takes 6-8 hours, depending on how much we decide to make including preparation, making the dough, cooking and bag up all the gnocchi.


Steffi: I go in to the left bank kitchen once a week after school to make the lasagnas and don’t get home to till around 8. I make the dough for the cookies Friday and Saturday night which takes. about an hour and bake to cookies in the morning in the kitchen so they are fresh the customers. 

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Who taught you to cook? Can you tell us about any influences you had in your life when it came to cooking?

Nia: Growing up surrounded by Greek culture, I was always around food. My grandmother (or Yiayia) is an amazing cook, she loves being in the kitchen and loves to teach her grandchildren all her incredible recipes. My dad has always been great with food, from the flavour to the presentation, he’s awesome at it. Whenever we have people over, dad loves to cook up a massive feast, and he always encourages me to help so I can learn along the way.

Steffi: with dad being a chef I have always been around kitchens and cooking. I have loved watching dad cook, especially when we have friends or family over, he always comes up with great dishes.


Do you cook often at home? What’s your favourite recipe?

Nia: Dad and I love to make gnocchi together, we often make 20kg batches so that we can share it with all our family and friends.

Steffi: I help out as much as I can but I love baking sweets.

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How did you celebrate Father’s Day a few weekends back?

Nia: DAD, Steffi and I spent Father’s Day at the Mercato so we didn’t get much time to spend with him, however we got him a new pair of Ugg boots, his favourite chocolates and had a pork roast (his favourite) for dinner.


What’s next for you after the pandemic?

Nia: Once the pandemic comes to an end I’d like to travel and attend heaps of gigs. Steffi and I are planning on going to the UK and Amsterdam at the end of next year which gives us something to look forward to. And of course, amongst riding motorbikes together, playing guitar and snowboarding, making gnocchi will always be something that dad and I do together.

Steffi: I’ll be busy with VCE next year but hope to continue with the Lasagna and cookie making and selling online.



We can’t wait to see what this dup gets up to in the future! If you would like to try their products, don’t forget to pop into the Left Bank Mercato!




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