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11 Personality Types - Who is in your office?

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Back to the office and back to KK (Kris Kringle). Yep, it’s that time of year again… Secret Santa is about to make his annual appearance!

We tend to think that Kris Kringle is awkward enough already, but don’t forget that you have most likely been working solo for the last couple of years and may not have even met some of your co-workers yet! So, we understand that you might feel a bit stuck on what to get Hannah from marketing or Karen from the front office.

That’s why we have put together a Kris Kringle guide for you! The perfect gift selection for each office personality type! Chances are if you don’t know your co-workers that well yet, you have at least heard about their office “rep” (reputation).

And who knows, you might even find an office personality that you identify with from the list below too!

Happy shopping secret Santa X

The one who loves a cheeky beveragino

Now we all love a beveragino don’t get us wrong, but this one, in particular, lives and breathes for a midweek vino. They always have weekend plans, leave Friday early and rock in Monday late with some shades and Berocca.


Could Be Coffee, Could Be Gin Mug – Etsy $19.95
12Pcs Cocktail Shaker Set Mixer – Catch $51.99
Picnic Wine Holder Set – Gifts Australia $24.00

The one who has never grown up

This one reminds you of your brother, who always stands in the lunchroom a little too long having a laugh or playing pranks on everyone. You genuinely wonder what they do at their desk all day but are glad they are around to lift the office spirit.

NERF Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS 6 Motorised Toy Blaster – Target $23
Watch Ya Mouth Game – Myer $29.99
Cards Against Humanity – Gameology $199.95

The one who is always on TikTok

This one goes out to Hannah in marketing who is always up with the TikTok trends, you nod along as if you know what berries and cream is but in reality, the only time you have ever known what she was talking about when Squid Games was trending.


Badass Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women – Book depository $27.00
What Do You Meme? TikTok Edition (Explicit Content) – Dick Smith $32
Glow Up 26cm Ring Light – Typo $29.99

The one whose name you can’t remember

If you have drawn out a name that you don’t recognize, you are more than likely annoyed that you didn’t get your work bestie for kk and are frantically scanning the room to put a face to the name. You go with a safe gift because you have no idea who this person is nor what their job title is.


60g Triple Scented Soy Candle Tahaa Affair – Glass House $19.95
2022 A5 Daily Buffalo Diary – Typo $19.99
Midi Shaped Planter – Typo $19.99

The one whose desk is immaculate

You envy this colleague, they have their life together, their organisation skills make you look weak. They are more than likely the organiser of the Christmas KK so you need to impress with a gift that spends the entire budget.

Handheld Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner – Amazon $14.95
Al.ive - Hand Sanitiser - Watermelon & Lime – Willows Hoe Traders $19.00
USB Electric Diffuser – Target $24.95

The fitspo one

We all have one colleague who puts us to shame with their early morning Pilates, post-work cycle sweat sesh or their calorie counted lunch. They love to make it our business that they are better and fitter than us, so let’s just nod and go ahead with it this year with the gifts below…

The Big Bottle Co Plastic Water Bottle 1.5L – House $22.99
Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Lesson 60 Minutes – Red Balloon $55.00
Weighted Jump Rope with Counter – Amazon $16.90


The one who calls in sick every week

This colleague genuinely shocks you that they are still employed, they call a sickie at every chance they get. You feel bad that he had last week off because his cat died until you realise on his Instagram that he is most definitely a dog person and probably never owned a cat in his life.


No Regrets Hangover Kit Bag – Amazon $31.62
We Know You're Faking mug – Etsy $27.40
Country Road Drink Bottle – Country Road $30

The one who is a Karen

There is a high chance you have a Karen in your office, hre blonde bot haircut terrifies you and you smile at her each morning out of total fear of her asking to ‘speak to the manager’.

*don’t forget to give her a gift receipt as she will more than likely want to return it and speak to the manager about it.*

Bamboo Picnic Wine Table – Temple and Webster $34.95
The Pamper Card – The Card Network $30.00
Oroton Coin Pouch – The Iconic $29.99

The one who is a ‘self-proclaimed’ foodie

This colleague always has dinner plans after work, they even have a whole separate Instagram account dedicated to their food adventures. Their office lunches make you regret your tuna and rice every day… talk about food envy.

Feed me bowl – Typo $11.99
Taste: My Life Through Food – Amazon $26.99
Good Food Physical Gift Card – Auspost $50.00

The OG boss babe

This one is a classic, you know who she is without even thinking. Every accessory that she has is pink and loves to call everyone in the office a babe, even Steve from accounting.

2022 A5 Weekly Diary – Kikki K $39.00
Cygnett 10W PowerBase 2 Wireless Desk Phone Charger – Catch $49.00
Kylie Beauty Matte Lip Kit – Mecca $46.00

The one who can’t handle stress

This one you tiptoe around - you never know what mood you’re going to get, they are either overly nice or slamming their head against their desk… the lucky dip keeps your on your toes

Marble Stress Ball – Finders Keepers Gifts $12.95
Calm & Destress Trio essential oils – ECO Modern Essentials $35.00
Luxury Calming Head Tickler & Scratcher Set – Yellow Octopus $14.99



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