Why you need to be celebrating Galantine’s Day this year!

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Galantine's Day

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Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for centuries but Galantine’s Day is but a few years old. Despite its young age, it is becoming an increasingly popular celebration!

As the name suggests, it is a day where women celebrate their female friendships!

The Galantine’s Day concept was first aired on the US sitcom, Parks and Recreation in 2010. The character, Leslie Knope, suggests that it is a day to leave your boyfriends and husbands at home and celebrate the important women in your life.

Although this holiday started out as a joke from a sitcom, it has quickly grown into an annual celebration for women across the globe, particularly for single ladies. Women use this day as a day to give gifts or enjoy a meal and a few drinks together. It is all about showing appreciation for your soul sister! The holiday has grown so much over the past year that even some brands are starting to capitalize on the holiday offering Galantines day cards and gifts.

At Left bank Melbourne we think that your girl squad is very important! That’s why we have organized a cocktail and canape party to celebrate your girls this Galantines day!

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