Father's Day

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The history of Father’s Day:

Father’s Day is a day of celebration for the special men in our lives. It is meaningful to everyone in a different way. Whether you have a father or not, the role of a father figure is still present be it by a grandfather, an uncle or even a mother who takes on both roles within a family. It is a special day that deserves to be celebrated and recognized.

But have you ever wondered how this day actually came to pass?

The origin of Father’s day is believed to have begun in America back in the year 1910. It is believed that at the time Mother’s Day was celebrated every year but fathers were not given equal appreciation.

Sonora Smart Dodd was a child of six. Her father raised all six children by himself on a small farm in Washington. Sorona’s dad was a veteran of civil war and a widower after his wife passed away giving birth to their sixth child. 

Sorona believed that her father also deserved to receive recognition for his hard work, playing both a motherly and fatherly role within their family. She suggested the date June 5th which was the anniversary of her father’s passing and wanted to use the day to annually show her appreciation to her father.  In America, the third Sunday in June became recognized as Father’s Day.

Eventually, the rest of the world also caught wind of this special day, although many changed the original date. However, the same sentimental values were still at the heart of the holiday.


How do you celebrate Father’s Day? At Left Bank Melbourne, we believe in traditions, such as celebrating this special family day the dinner table over good food, good wine, and great company. Spoil Dad this Father’s Day over a casual BBQ breakfast or an intimate lunch gathering.


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Celebrate father's Day By the Yarra! 

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