DIY Boozy Christmas Bon Bons


Take your Bon Bons to the next level this year with our boozy take on a Christmas Cracker. 

 These crackers are guaranteed to bring better entertainment than a typical bad Aussie joke or plastic toy.

 Did someone say Merry GINmas?

There will be two ways you can create these boozy bonbons, one with a kit and the other completely homemade.

How to make with Christmas Cracker Kit

  • Cracker Kit (via Amazon)
  • Fillings – 30ml alcohol bottles
  • Follow the steps from your DIY Christmas Cracker kit and ensure you fill the middle with your alcohol bottle.

How to make homemade

You will need

  • A4 piece of patterned paper, hessian, or plain paper to decorate
  • Cardboard tubes (e.g. toilet roll or paper towel holders)
  • Crafts to decorate the cracker with
  • Optional: Cracker snaps (via Amazon)
  • Ribbon or string to tie
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Fillings – 30ml alcohol bottles

How to make

1. Begin by decorating the outside of your cracker as you wish, then set it aside until it's dry. If you're using patterned paper, you can leave this step out.

2. Make sure your A4 piece of paper is positioned face down on a table landscape. Position your cardboard tube in the center of the paper, lengthwise, cutting to shape if necessary.

3. At each end of the tube, score your paper softly with a pair of scissors, making sure not to cut through the paper. Alternatively, cut small diamond shapes out to create that gathered part on your cracker.

4. Wrap your paper around the cardboard tube, overlapping the edges slightly and tape in place to create one wide tube. The cardboard tube will give your cracker extra structure so it won't fall apart.

5. Carefully twist one side of your cracker around the ends of the cardboard tube, secure it with festive ribbon and feed your cracker-snap through so it is peeping out the end.

6. Gently add your alcohol bottles and any other fillings, be careful not to overfill. Secure the other side of your cracker with a ribbon.


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