How does our multicultural country celebrate Christmas?

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Christmas in Australia

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Australian Christmas

It looks a little different to the rest of the world, unlike everyone else we’ve got sunshine while most have snow. So, what do us Aussies do?  

A barbie with snags and prawns followed by a round of backyard cricket or a trip to the beach? That’s what the rest of the world assumes, and for some that is correct. We are lucky enough to be a very multicultural country and everyone celebrates it a little differently, it just happens to be in the sun…well, for Melbournians maybe not.

Backyard Cricket in Aus

Indigenous Christmas

Indigenous Australians only began celebrating the Western Holiday 50 years ago, they use this day as a way to remember those who have passed away in many of their communities. They believe it to be a time to connect them to the spiritual world, it is about the presence of the lost loved ones not about the gifts.

Greek Christmas

Australians with a Greek background celebrate the day by gathering with their family and friends to exchange gifts, their food is again very different. They eat a whole lamb on the spit, known and ‘gyros’ which is cooked over 8 hours. Along with this traditional meal, they must eat every part of the animal except the feet – the eyes are said to maintain good vision, brain for wisdom, ears for hearing good news and tongue for eloquence.

Lamb on a Spit

Filipino Christmas

Filipino Australians make Christmas Eve the main event, with large gatherings and exchanging of gifts at midnight. They spend the day visiting other friends and family who they couldn’t be with on Christmas Eve.

Italian Christmas

Italian Australians are known for their copious amounts of food, traditional to their Italian region back home. Many courses are consumed, starting with salad and ending with traditional sweets such as ‘panettone’ which is an Italian sweet bread. Many Italians are Catholics and it is seen as a very religious holiday, attending midnight mass on Christmas eve and or attending the Christmas Day service.

Irish Christmas

Irish Australians spend Christmas Eve preparing the food for their big Christmas dinner, it is the biggest meal of the year for them. Usually slow cooking of a turkey with many sides, including the traditional Christmas mince pies.

Christmas Mince Pies

Left Bank Melbourne Christmas

What will you be doing this Christmas? No matter what your background is, why not celebrate a little differently? This year, instead of staying home like we have had to do most of the year thanks to Covid-19, get the family together for a day out. Our Christmas Luncheon will allow you and the family to sit back, enjoy delicious food and appreciate each other’s company without the stress of the preparation or clean up.

The menu includes items such as, shucked oysters, whiskey honey glazed ham leg, crispy skin king salmon and lemon meringue pie, just to name a few. Fear not, the children are not forgotten with a menu that will even satisfy the fussiest of children with items such as classic crunchy chicken strips and chips. A bottomless beverage package is available for those who wish to add this on, starting at $51pp, with wine, beer and sparkling to compliment the delicious menu.

You can purchase your tickets and view our Christmas menu here so you can have the Merry Christmas you deserve!


Christmas Drinks

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