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Australia's best holiday destinations



With the Australian government hinting that restrictions may be reduced from the 11th of May, it might be time to start thinking about a local holiday. It may be a while before International travel bans are lifted but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a great holiday. Here are six great holiday destinations to add to the wish list for post-isolation.


Eyre Peninsula

If your looking for a beach paradise to relax and explore, Eyre Peninsular in South Australia is a great holiday destination! It isn’t known as a traditional holiday destination like the Gold Coast in Queensland so it offers a welcomed seclusion from busy crowds.  

Eyre Peninsular is known for its fantastic food and wine. It boasts luxury and is probably most famous for its aquatic world. Spend your days snorkeling, exploring rock pools, embracing cliff top walking trails or sipping on South Australia’s finest wines.



Wave Rock:

Western Australia has so much to offer when it comes to a well-deserved holiday. One of our favourite picks would have to be wave rock! Wave Rock is a magnificent prehistoric rock formation that has formed by the weather over millions of years. Climbing to the top is a challenging task but certainly worth the view as you admire the salty bush scrub that surrounds this attraction.



Undara Volcanic National Park:

Queensland is known best for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water but the Undara experience offers a refreshing change in scenery showcasing the good old Australian outback. The Undara lava tours are a must! The tubes were created when the Undara volcano erupted over 190,000 years ago! It poured out enough lava to fill the Sydney Harbor three times over! This site is one to be experienced, add it to your bucket list!

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Paronella Park:

Travelling a little further up the coast, Cairns is home to arguable some of the most beautiful rainforests. Paronella Park is described as a “dream”. To be precise is was Jose Paronella’s dream. He built the castle that stretches across five hectares beside the Mena Creek Falls and filled it with over 7500 tropical plants and trees. This site is steeped in History dating back as far as 1913. This is a love story well worth unveiling.   

 paronella park cairnes


Cape Pillars Sea cliffs:

Although not the most popular tourist precinct, Tasmania is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Our top pick- the Cape Pillar Sea cliffs! They hold the record as the tallest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere. They are known to be the “scariest cliffs in the whole world”, leaving very few rock climbers brave enough to tackle the cliffs at Cape Pillar. Although frightening, these cliffs are fiercely beautiful and well worth the trek.

The Candlestick and the Totem Pole famous rock spires of Cape Huay


The Melbourne lane ways:

Melbourne is home to some of the greatest food and wine in Australia. Its night life has been undoubtedly missed throughout the COVID-19 lock-down period. With majority of its famous hospitality venues closing, it might be time to rediscover your own backyard in Melbourne! Check out its amazing street art, taste the world’s best cup of coffee or stumble into secluded bars down a lane-way. There is so much to love about Melbourne! Best of all, you will be supporting local businesses who are all eager to flaunt the generous hospitality they are rightfully known for.

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Coming to Melbourne?

Left Bank Melbourne is situated in Melbourne’s tourist precinct. Offering unmatched views of the Yarra River, “on premise only” wines and innovative cocktails, as well as seasonal menus. Why not purchase a gift voucher to go towards your next Melbourne adventure? 

We can’t wait to see you all again soon!


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