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A Mother’s day plan for every type of mum!

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Stuck on how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? Can’t seem to find something that really fits the type of celebration that your mum would want?  Mother’s day can be a stressful thing to organize. After all, how do you give back to such a special woman? 

Here are four great ideas to suit every mum and every schedule!


The low key mum:

This type of mum doesn’t like to be made a big fuss of and would much rather sit at home spending time with her loved ones then getting all dressed up in her Sunday best to head out for lunch.

Our suggestion:

A low-key breakfast is a perfect option for mum! Why not try making her breakfast in bed and giving her the day off? Or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not head out to her favorite breakfast place!

*Tip: A great idea is to send her flowers if you are busy with your own mother’s day plans, just to let her know you’re thinking of her.

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The casual mum:


This type of mum enjoys heading out with friends and family to spend time together but doesn’t want anything too over the top and too fancy.


Our suggestion:

Why not take mum to an afternoon tea or high tea? Melbourne has so many wonderful places to do high tea! Filled with beautiful sweets – don’t forget those scones, and a glass of bubbles to celebrate such a special day

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The “let your hair down” mother:

Does your mum enjoy a good celebration? Does she really like to let her hair down and celebrate?

Our suggestion:

Why not take her to a good old Bottomless Brunch? Filled with sparkling champagne and everybody’s favorite dish of the day, brunch! What more could you want?



The “let’s do something special” mum:


Who can blame her, she only gets one day a year where it’s all about her!


Our suggestion: Why not really spoil her and take her out for a beautiful lunch. Mother’s Day in Melbourne is a great opportunity to Wow her with a beautiful set menu of chefs most inspired dishes and a sneaky glass of bubbles. She will love you for it!

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Last minute Mother’s Day plans?


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