A city reborn

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History of Southbank:

Left Bank Melbourne sits pretty on Southbank, boasting beautiful views of the Yarra River. Riverside Quay, where we are located is now an established landmark and destination for many businesses, and locals, offering a vibrant spot for all to wine and dine. But it wasn’t once the energetic city that we have come to know and love.

In the 1920’s Southbank was home to shipping and trading and covered by warehouses. Allen’s lollies factory was placed where Southbank now stands. The Southside of the river was known as the “dirty” side of the river but ironically, this was the side that received the most sunlight.

The 1980s were a turning point for the Southbank precinct and with it followed 25-30 years of redevelopment that completely changed the culture and the city into the Southbank that we know today. Featuring high rise apartments and offices, dining, and retail, transforming the once swampland into the never-ending hustle and bustle of Southbank.




Left Bank Melbourne’s entrance:

As Riverside Quay was born or maybe re-born again, it became the “go-to” spot when you had grown tired of the one-way cash dispenser at the Casino and needed a place to drink their sorrows away after coming to terms with the missing two weeks of pay cheques. Riverside Quay suddenly began to raise an outbreak of “underground” recognition. In flew the big birds… Emirates Airlines Leisure division. With them came suits in their fashionable wear that didn’t seem to allow for socks. Maybe it’s just what you did when you were from the North equator and you decide to pop in to visit the colony before a lovely holiday in Tahiti….

Nevertheless, they got it done. So when it came to naming the venue, I overheard one of the sockless colonists talk about his first love on the “left bank” of the river in Paris. I do sympathize but found it hard to imagine how the broken creek river could be so romantic… Still, the name seemed fitting for such an enchanting venue.  

Over the past ten years, Left bank Melbourne has been an inviting retreat from the bustling city. We’ve had a facelift and bid Emirates farewell. We have thrown iconic events and quiet get together. We’ve served countless cocktails and meals and overall become distinctive in Melbourne’s Southbank scenery.  

We would love you to join us as we celebrate ten years on the Banks!

Enjoy complimentary canapes, Mumm champagne and cocktail specials and DJ’s and entertainment as we share the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

Sunday the 9th of June from 5pm at Left bank Melbourne!

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