5 steps to creating a new menu

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Behind the scenes there is a lot of work that goes into producing a new menu. Find out how a new menu is created!

1. Selecting the ingredients, you want to work with.

 It might sound like an easy task but there is a lot to be considered when selecting your pantry list. Chefs always take inspiration from the change of season and using fresh herbs and produce that it brings along with it. They also spend time researching emerging ingredients. Often this involves collaborating with farmers and suppliers to select the newest and freshest ingredients.


2. Experimenting!

It is very easy to go overboard in this step. It is important for chefs to understand the flavours that each ingredient brings to a dish. Balance is key. Using two to three key ingredients that balance with each other well is the key to a good dish. At this stage, chefs are able to experiment with flavours and produce at this stage to understand how they balance and enhance each other.

3. Don’t forget the Aesthetics!

At this stage chefs start to think about how the dish will look when its plated up. They consider how guests will eat them and which components should be plated first in order to capture each aspect of the dish at the perfect temperature when altogether.

This step involves a lot of sketching and experimentation until the final product looks just right.

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4. Collaborate

At this stage, chefs usually collaborate with other members of the team asking them to recreate the dish drawing from their own inspiration. Again, the experiment begins! Once they are recreated, chefs pick apart the dishes deciding which parts work well and which don’t. Often the finished product has been changed up to four times before it is considered good enough to be placed in the final menu selection.

5. The taste test!

 This step is possibly the most enjoyable part! The whole team gathers together to taste different versions of each dish. They take notes and rate each dish on consistency, texture, taste and presentation. After compiling notes, the final menu is selected and only the very best make it through to the table!

Our executive chef always finds inspiration in the change of season. This Spring, our menu dishes are creative, colourful and delicious, with a focus on locally sourced produce. And as always, there is no shortage of amazing flavour! 

Our a la carte menu is built on the freshest seasonal ingredients available.

Try our new Spring menu today!


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