12 fun facts about kissing!

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Falling in love comes in many forms but kissing is thought to be the most romantic and intimate symbols of love. Making out. Puckering up. Smooching. Snogging. Lip-locking. Tongue-wrestlin, whatever you want to call it, it’s one of our favourite parts of falling in love and one we would like to promote a little more of this valentine’s day.


So, to get you in the mood, and ready for a fun filled Valentines Day, here are 12 fun facts about kissing!

  1. A typical French kiss moves 29 muscles in the face
  2. The average person spends 20,160 minutes of their lifetime kissing
  3. Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than men who don’t
  4. Kissing increases the mouths production of saliva and saliva helps to clean the mouth and prevent tooth decay
  5. One minute of passionate kissing = 6.4 calories
  6. The longest kiss recorded was 33 hours
  7. A kiss can contain up to 278 kinds of different bacteria, 95% of which are non-dangerous
  8. The most important muscle in kissing is the orbicularis oris, also known as the kissing muscle, which allows the lips to ‘pucker.’
  9. The term ‘French kiss’ came into the English language after British soldiers saw how passionately the French kissed while visiting during World War I.
  10. On average, two-thirds of people tip their heads to the right when they pucker up.
  11. Humans aren’t the only animals that kiss. Cows, puffins, squirrels and even snails so it, although chimpanzees are the only animals whose kisses resemble a human kiss.
  12. Your lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of the fingers.


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