10 interesting facts about Easter

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  1. The first eggs given at Easter were actually bird’s eggs. The eggs were painted to give them more meaning and were given as gifts to family and friends. These days it is still common for eggs to be painted although today they are usually chicken eggs.

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2. Eggs are given out at Easter because they are associated as a symbol of ‘new life’.

3. The first mass-produced egg was produced by Cadbury in 1873 to be given as a gift

4. People started giving chocolate eggs as gifts for Easter in the early 1900s.

5. The tradition of buying and giving chocolate Easter eggs took off and hasn't slowed down! Australians are expected to spend $176.5 million on chocolate and confectionery this Easter! 

6.  Cadbury spends 10 months of the year producing 270 million chocolate eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies.

7. One of the world’s largest chocolate eggs to ever be produced was over 27 feet tall and weighed over 4000kgs.

8. The Easter bunny is believed to have originated in Germany during the Middle Ages. Rabbits and chickens are both considered to be symbols of rebirth which is why they were associated with Easter. Soon enough, rabbits turned into an Easter bunny that delivered candy and eggs and was a story often told to young children.

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9. When eating a chocolate Easter Bunny, statistics suggest that a person is most likely to eat the ears first.

10. Jelly beans were used as gifts during Easter and often given to soldiers who were away at Easter due to their long jeopardy compared to chocolate eggs.


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