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03 May 2017

Wednesday Meatballs

Putting a modern spin on the classic beloved hot pot. 

Every Wednesday we bring you a featured meatball flavour of the week.


Wednesday 23/8 -
Veal, Pork & Pistachio Braised Meatballs,
Spinach potato & parmesan Dumplings, shallot & chive frittella

Wednesday 30/8 -
Lamb, Mint & Pine Nut Braised Meatballs, caramelised apple pasatta, Confit garlic black salt artesian bread

Wednesday 6/9 -
Cornfed Chicken, Young Leek & Thyme Meatballs, Braised wild mushroom mustard veloute, flaked butter Roti

Wednesday 13/9 -
Crab, Snapper & Ong Choy Dumplings braised in prawn bisque, coriander cashew paste, spring onion pancake

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Add 2 Heineken schooners to share for $50

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