Left Bank supports the very best and up and coming performers this city has to offer in a Restaurant and Bar environment.  

Pride is taken in ensuring the finest of atmosphere and musical engagement.

Live music every Saturday Afternoon & Sunday on the river.

Join our professional team for a drink and dinner whilst enjoying the very best Melbourne has to offer.

Djs every Friday & Saturday night playing smooth sounds to set the ambiance just right.


This weeks live music:


Thursday 11th May
6pm DJ Chloe 

Friday 12th May
6pm DJ Frida
10pm DJ Julia

Saturday 13th May
3pm DJ Frida ft Jarred (Sax)
5:30pm DJ Julia 
11pm DJ Frida

Sunday 14th May
1pm Yianna Stavrou (Solo Vocalist) & DJ
3pm DJ Frida ft Jarred (Sax)
5pm DJ Chloe ft Rob (Sax)